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How does it work?

Every neighbourhood is private Only you and your Hoplr neighbours have access. Safe and reliable.
Talk to your neighbours Use Hoplr to stay in touch with your neighbours. Post and receive neighbourhood-, group- and private messages.
Never miss a thing from your neighbourhood Share and borrow items, ask for help, stay up to date with neighbourhood alerts and activities.


We have tried to bring the neighbourhood together for years using flyers, posters, events,... with little to no results. The fact that we succeeded through Hoplr proves that this neighbourhood network has a bright future in store. Erik, moderator Heiende (Lokeren)
Our neighbourhood grew quickly. What surprised me the most was the sense of solidarity among the neighbours. Hoplr really does bring people together! Kin Chi Chow, founder Heihoek (Mechelen)
I’m a fan, because this communication tool has a wide perspective and brings better social cohesion. Marc, moderator Boechout Wijken (Boechout)
I want everyone to know that registration is easy and non-committal. Hoplr is a safe, private an ad-free environment. It's really nothing but beneficial for your neighbourhood. Ben, founder Oosterveld (Antwerp)
Hoplr is a bridge between neighbours. It brings people together. A lot of people need that little push to get toghether Lieve, moderator Oud-Centrum (Ostend)

What can you do with Hoplr?


Get to know new neighbours

A neighbourhood where people know each other is a better neighbourhood! Start a group chat to gather people from your building, to go for a run, or to plan a block party.

  • Introduce yourself to your neighbours
  • Complete your profile with your hobbies, pets, profession and interests
  • Consult the list of your neighbours

Organise a neighbourhood activity

Choose an activity to bring your neighbours together. Consult your neighbours and pick a date that works for everyone.

  • Organise a cleanup, game night, walk, yard sale,...
  • Leave the date open, see who's interested and pick a date together
  • Consult the neighbourhood calendar

Borrow items from your neighbours

You're a do-it-yourselfer, but you're missing the material you need? Maybe one of your neighbours can help.

  • Give away items you no longer need
  • Borrow items from someone nearby
  • Make group purchases

Find help for your chores

Looking for a plumber or reliable aid? Your neighbours will be happy to help you with their recommendations.

  • Post a question in your neighbourhood
  • Help an elderly neighbour by posting requests for them
  • Ask your neighbours to lend you a hand

Find a babysitter

  • Quickly reach your neighbours with a message on Hoplr
  • Let your neighbours know that your son or daughter can babysit
  • Make further arrangements in private chat

Receive useful alerts from your city or municipality

Local authorities cannot view conversations going on in the neighbourhood, but they can post messages concerning it (e.g. roadworks, nuisance, security,...).

  • Share ideas or endorse your neighbours' suggestions
  • Closely follow participation projects
  • Cocreate with your neighbours and government

* Local authorities are unable to view your neighbourhood's content

A safe and private neighbourhood network, just for your neighbours


Verify your adress: our system gets you in the right neighbourhood straight away and is closed off to outsiders

Hoplr is active in Belgium and the Netherlands

250,000 households
900 active neighbourhoods
68% is active weekly
50,000 messages & responses / month
On Facebook you talk to friends, you view photos on Instagram, you reach your neighbours on Hoplr.
One way some city councils close the gap between them and the citizen is through Hoplr, a social networking site for neighbourhoods.

What does Hoplr stand for?

1. Community first

Our communities play an essential role and that will never change. That is why, in every decision, every change and every opportunity, the added value for the neighbourhood and its residents is the first thing we consider.

2. Advertising free

We aspire to keep Hoplr advertisement-free forever. Our business model is built on useful collaborations with valuable parties. This way all messages in your neighbourhood remain relevant, interesting and above all advertisement-free!

3. Privacy by design

Protecting personal data is our biggest responsibility. Hoplr is therefore fully compliant with the European GDPR privacy legislation. We will never sell personal data.

4. Independent

Hoplr is not associated with any political or other interested party and does not have to account to any external party. We respect each person's opinion and will not express our own; neither explicitly nor implicitly.

5. Social impact

Our dream is that all Hoplr neighbours meet, help and get to know each other in real life. We believe in the power of the collective. That is why we will always organise activities and continue to give tips on social contact outside the platform.

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