Neighbours that spread the word
Daily we receive feedback from neighbours who use Hoplr

So far everything is going according to plan. I am pleasantly surprised by the participation rate and activity at Hoplr. I also get the impression that more neighbourhood residents needed a similar concept and I think that question will certainly be answered. I'm already a fan! Thanks for the effort and good luck with the further development!


Good experience, dear Hoplr, It looks a bit like other platforms, so there is some overlap, but I still find it a pleasant way of communicating. Thank you for your efforts and continue to do so!


Yes, everything goes according to plan and via hoplr I learn what is happening in the neighbourhood. In addition, I made publicity for a neighbour last Friday for hoplr and she has since joined the network.


Commendable initiative ... I also think of the site for making contacts with peers. I also look forward to joint, "centrally organized" initiatives in the future, possibly by age category (I am 58 years of age myself)


I have already been helped a lot by joining Hoplr. Also for further follow-up. I had ended up in isolation because of my disability and was hardly able to leave. People from the OCMW have also contacted me. Thank you for bringing this about.


Neighbours can help each other by giving away things that would otherwise be thrown away. Lending tools, such as stairs. I myself have already helped a neighbour to prepare her garden for the winter. She is 72 years old and really could not. This is how you help your neighbour. I couldn't have done that without Hoplr.